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About Us

      Lawson’s Optometrists Limited The company is specialized in the field of "eye care and eye health for the whole family"。

      Adhering to the enterprise philosophy of "focusing on science and technology, focusing on professionalism, paying close attention to quality, and abiding by integrity", the company has been introducing advanced glasses production technology with rigorous, scientific and professional service concept, leading the industry in terms of eye knowledge popularization, medical testing, optometry matching glasses, tracking services, etc。

      Since its establishment and development, the company has taken the lead in putting forward the big concept of "family optometry center", aiming to make every family member maintain good vision and enjoy a better life by means of technological eye protection! With good technology, standardized operation, professional guidance and high-quality service, we provide advanced and all-round eye protection methods and services for Chinese families, from special glasses for youth myopia prevention and control to adult anti-blue light goggles series and Bright Vision intelligent bioptical glasses。

      "Vision is getting better and better, life is getting better and better" new health vision health care concept is being accepted by more and more people,Lawson’s Optometrists Limited Will be dedicated to your family's vision escort!

      Vision: Escort visual health & NBSP; Always strive for excellence

      Core concept: initiative, focus and innovation   grow up

      Corporate Mission: Keep familiar with and grasp the changing trend in the field of glasses and eye care, actively explore the new needs of customers, and focus on this field by improving my own ability. Continue to innovate products, innovative marketing ideas, through innovative ways, to achieve sustainable growth of the brand, and establish a leading market position in the industry。

    Never advocate constant wear glasses, make it lifelong dependence.The city provides you with a few ways to reduce mild myopia, so that in the early stage of mild myopia, can return to normal.

    Only to understand the natural vision is normal, can transform the acquired visual environment, can maintain lifelong vision

    Welcome to our center for consultation, we are willing to give you the best advice。

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