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Do I have to register to shop?

Need. Customers must open a member account to purchase online。


How to query the status of the current order?

The customer can check the order status in the "account" after logging in。


After confirming the order, can you cancel it or change to another shipping address?

All confirmed orders cannot be cancelled or the shipping address changed. If you need to change the pick-up point, please call SF Customer Service Department after the order status shows "Shipment"+85223859676


How many days does it take to get the goods delivered?

After confirmation of your order and payment, generally about3-5Deliver within working days. After the product arrives at the pick-up point, SF Express will send a "pick up notice" message to you. The specific time is subject to SMS。


【shipping method】

Do I have to pay the freight?

spend up to...HK$350Enjoy free shippingIf the order amount is not satisfiedHK$350,overpaym entHK$38freight。


Can I deliver to places outside Hong Kong and other countries?

Delivery area is Hong Kong only。


Will I receive a pick-up notice when the goods arrive at the SF pick-up point?

Upon the arrival of the order at the pick-up point, you will be sent by SF Express / By the way intelligent cabinet sentSMSPlease follow the instructions in the notice to pick up your goods at the pickup point of your choice before the deadline, otherwise SF Express may charge a storage surcharge。


How long will the goods be kept at the pick-up point, SF station and service center after arrival?

After the product arrives at the pick-up point, SF Express will send a "pick up notice" message to you. The specific time is subject to SMS. In case of late collection, the customer shall pay the storage surcharge charged by SF Express。


How to use the smart cabinet?

1. Tap the screen before passing the smart cabinet to start using。

2. After the picture is changed, you can press "Pick up" button。

3. As instructed, enter the six-digit pick - up code on the pick - up message。

4. The corresponding cabinet door will open automatically。

5. Remove the package from the open compartment。

6. Close the cabinet door to complete the pick-up process。


What if I lose the pick-up code or delete the SMS?

1. When you go to the cabinet machine, click "Pick Up" first, and then press "Forget Pick Up Code".。

2. After inputting your registration number, select the voice function to get the code again, and then you can receive the call automatically output by the smart cabinet。

3. Will be provided within the call6The digital verification code is entered on the screen, the screen will display the relevant waybill number, and then click "pick up" system, and the door will open。


What if the intelligent cabinet is full by the way?

Incidentally, the Smart Counter will not notify us if the Smart Counter is full and fails to place packages。The receiving staff will try to deliver the goods later when the Smart Counter is full. Therefore, we are sorry for any delay in receiving the goods due to the space of the Smart Counter. Customers can also go to the Smart Counter website to track order details,Or call the Smart Counter Customer Service Department for enquiries+85223859676


【product problem】

Are the frames and sunglasses maintained?

We provide frames and sunglasses for sale on this website12months maintenance, please keep the voucher, warranty, complete set of glasses and its components (if any) for maintenance purposes. You can bring the frames and shopping vouchers to all stores for daily maintenance and repair。


Can we compensate for price changes?

The price of products may change from time to time according to the arrangement of the company,However, we will not inform you of any change in the price of the products. The price of the products will be subject to your order and payment。We will not make any compensation for any change in price。


Is the product returnable or refundable?

All confirmed orders are non-refundable and non-refundable。


Can I exchange it?

According to our replacement policy, we will only accept replacement of frames and sunglasses sold on this website with manufacturing defects confirmed after quality testing. We may replace the goods (only of the same brand and model, subject to the availability of the relevant goods) or repair defective parts of the goods. Our company has the final decision on the specific treatment method. If you find any quality problem after receiving the goods, please contact us at 7 Contact customer service within days phone: +85223859676, exceed7 We don't accept it today。

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